30 Day Gospel Challenge

29 The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, “Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world! John 1: 29

I felt the Holy Spirit lay a challenge on my heart tonight. He challenged me to write more and more about the Gospel, the Good News!

So here’s the challenge. Leave a comment in this blog about a topic surrounding the Gospel, about sharing and witnessing to others, about the word and works of Jesus, or any other Gospel topic you feel you want to know more about. Then once I have 30 topics, I’ll write about 1 topic everyday, for 30 days.

You in? Leave a comment below and let the challenge begin!

6 thoughts on “30 Day Gospel Challenge

  1. I’m not saying God does not know everything. All I am asking is why would God would he ask Adam and Eve why are you hiding after they ate from the tree and also what would my purpose be on this earth if God already knows where I’m going

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  2. I have that same question. But to answer yours on God asking Adam and Eve why the hiding from Him, I think God was testing them. As for your other question, I have the same one.

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  3. I think a good topic would be the new world order. All the world under 1 ruler, currency and religion. Are we in the end of days, also why does God let bad things happen to innocent children? Why does it seem like the bad and evil of the world is winning out against good and just?

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  4. You challenged us to give you a verse and you will explain. However my question is across the bible. Adam and Eve procreated, their kids procreated assuming thats how people where put on earth. When that failed and God saw, he told Noah and his faimly to hit the restart button. Again, they procreated. My question, was there a level of incest? We know today we have our own unqiue DNA. Did God forsee this. There is nothing in the bible explaining this. Whats your take on this ?

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