Everything in it's time

Everything in it’s time – Build

Most of us are naturally impatient and do not like waiting for anything. In this world, in these uncertain times, we face many dangers, trials, unstable economies, war, diseases, starvation, relationship problems, financial distress, the list goes on… however, our expectations are seldom met, often changed by things completely out of our control, and so, we are often forced to spend time reflecting on what might have been. I pray this post will help you discover the joy of waiting for everything to come in it’s right season.

God’s timing Ecclesiates 3:1-8

To watch a video about God’s perfect timing, please click here.

A time to love

A Time to Build

We all have expectations. When our childhoods are over, we have finished high school, we start planning our futures. We begin to look forward to and plan the next stage in life that will, hopefully, secure us the lifestyle we dream of. We want good exam results from high school, a place at an excellent university, maybe take a gap year and travel. We want our first car so we do not have reply on our parents to drive us anywhere anymore. We’re aiming for good degrees and a fulfilling career. We dream of meeting “the one”, your soulmate, to marry, buy a home and raise a family. 

We may even have different aspirations altogether. Perhaps we desire a role in life that improves the world for all mankind, like making a big discovery or inventing something that has real and true benefits for all.

Whatever your ambitions are, we all share one thing in common – we have some sort of idea of what our future might hold.

If you’re young and fresh out of school or university, this is all well and good.  But there is a lesson we all learn, whether now or later on in life; there are no guarantees we’ll get all hearts’ desires, despite our best efforts. This present Christian world we live in is an increasingly unstable place to be. There is no promise of tomorrow. We cannot be sure that when we go shopping or traveling, we’ll be safe. Our our jobs secure, do have good and reliable pension savings and is our money safe in the bank. New diseases raise their heads, like the COVID-19 pandemic the world faces today. Terror stalks the earth. Standards slide and shift. Doctors’ are quick to prescribe medications for anxiety, depression or any sniffle we have. Fear is spreading and reaching new levels.

The good news is that no matter what you or the world is facing, there is a safe place to be, a rock on which to build and to stand secure, the rock that is in Jesus Christ (Matthew 7:24-25), who came into the world to live as a man and redeem us by his death. When we make the life changing decision to follow Him, we know we are safe.

Photo provided by Azhar Fajurdeen Photography. Follow his work on FaceBook at Azhar Fajurdeen Photography

It is not a guarantee that all our dreams will come true, that we can “name it and claim it” in prayer or that nothing bad will ever happen to us, but Jesus secures us in the knowledge that in every storm, every joy or sorrow, good times and bad, He is with us and He will never leave us. His love endures for ever (Psalm 136) and will never change.

He has a perfect plan for each one of us, just trust Him with all your heart. Build your foundation in Him and your future will be secured.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight. 
Proverbs 3:5-6


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