In The Throne Room – The Mystery of Prayer

Prayer – It’s both simple and profound at the same time!

Prayer has changed the world and affected human history more than any of us could ever calculate. It’s a divine, sacred, glorious mystery that will draw you into His heart. It’s the privilege and the opportunity to lock arms with God and labour together with Him. It’s life taken to its highest degree! It takes us into the timelessness of his presence as we speak with God and hear His heart.

As we pray, we’re actually partnering with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Only a friend who truly loves you will always be there to hear your cry. Jesus is that friend: he will never leave or fail you. We cry out to Him because our heart is lovesick for the Son of God! We can learn of His kindness through prayer. He loves to hear our cry and loves to spend time with us.

Keep Praying

We see Jesus praying over twenty-five times in the Gospels. During the last hours of His life, he prayed. On the cross, he prayed. Everything about his ministry was rooted in prayer. May we have the same longing for time alone with the Father that Jesus did.

Many things will be shown to you as you pray. Expect your eyes to be opened to see into the spiritual realm all around you, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand and even close enough to reach. Sacred secrets will be shared with you as you make Jesus your lifetime prayer partner.

True prayer is Christ in you praying through you to accomplish the Father’s desires for the earth. It’s true: Jesus Christ is your prayer partner, and he will pray through you as you pray through him! It’s by your prayers that God takes charge of things here on earth. The highest privilege of the church is to be the outlet of God’s will.

We become prophetically alert in the Holy Spirit when we pray from the perspective of being in the throne room instead of the prayer room. We won’t be so concerned about who is praying, how they’re praying, or how long they’re praying. We’re able to discern the “air currents” of the Holy Spirit and echo the heart of God through our prayers. It is then that the higher levels of his glorious presence are released through our united, focused prayer.

To praise the Lord in the midst of our problems glorifies His name. As we pray with this positive focus, we free our hearts to carry the burdens of the Lord.


You answer us with awesome and righteous deeds, God our Savior, the hope of all the ends of the earth and of the farthest seas,
Psalms 65:5


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