For Christians in Despair

Brilliantly written post by “Jesus Alone”
Depression is a self-killer and affects those around you. Jesus can change all that.
I feel like this was written from my mind and my heart. It’s exactly how I feel and why I write so much too.

Anger, envy, lust, greed, desire for power and control and wrath from those who “lead” us are all things used by the enemy to infect and inflame us.

“I am focusing my mind in His word so that maybe I can use my ever-over-thinking mind and the difficulties I have gone through to help other people. I need to do this.”

Brilliantly written. Exactly what I do.
I want to bring others to Jesus, and then Jesus can do the what He does best

Jesus Alone

Do Christians feel depressed? Shouldn’t we be full of joy, which is a fruit of the Spirit? I am often in awe of my tendency to fall into depression, and I’m certain that I’m not the only one, especially these days. Sometimes it helps to know that other Christians struggle just as we do, so I feel compelled to write a little about this.

I’ve been prone to depression for as long as I can remember. The last severe bout came about 6 years ago. This was when I turned my life to Jesus in a meaningful way. Since then, I have had times when I felt down to lesser and greater degrees, but never like it was before. Forming a relationship with Jesus does help. It helps to focus on Him and His promises. It helps to read the scriptures. It helps to take our focus off the world…

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