Solution To Overcome

by Apostle Gabriel Cross If you don’t develop a solution or strategy for what is against you, then you might become what is against you or it will get the best of you. Don’t allow what God has for you to become a god to you…Selah © Crown of Glory International Ministries. Unauthorized use and/or … Continue reading Solution To Overcome

God’s not listening?

Maybe you are waiting on a prayer to be answered, a baby to be conceived, a problem to be resolved, a chance to be promoted or a debt to be … Continue reading God’s not listening?

The Last Will and New Testament of Jesus Christ – Claiming your Inheritance

Sharings from Sam...

(Ephesians 1:11-12)Under the righteousness of faith and grace we, as sons and daughters of God, have inherited His promises and provision, through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

As a joint heir with Jesus Christ, and adopted into God’s family and a Sonship in His Royal Kingdom, are you enjoying the riches of your Christian inheritance?

The Bible tells us that all that belonged to Jesus is now ours, not only for when we die and go to heaven, but to be partaking of right now, today. Because of God’s grace that makes us righteous, we are the rightful beneficiaries of Jesus’s last Will and Testament (new).

Sadly, many people are not enjoying the blessings and favour of what they have already inherited because they believe their reward only comes in heaven, and that God’s grace is sufficient for now.

In Bruce Wilkinson’s ‘The Prayer of Jabez’ Devotional…

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Breaking Addiction

Addiction is a serious, chronic disease with far-reaching consequences for you and your relationships with your loved ones. It also affects your body and brain physically, with both short-term and … Continue reading Breaking Addiction