What the Gospel Guarantees

These are the three things the gospel is guarateed to do.

Gospel, Bible, The Good News, Word of God
  1. The gospel guarantees me been saved from the wrath of God.
  2. The gospel cleanses me from the idolatrous, poisonous, all-distorting sin that makes me love other things more than God.
  3. The gospel opens access into, by reconciliation, a sweet, deep, ever-increasing, all-satisfying joy in Abba Father forever.

There is not a word in Scripture about being saved from poverty, about being saved from sickness, about being saved from terrorism, about being saved from obscurity, about being saved from rejection from men, about being saved from having your daughter kidnapped and killed.


Don’t misunderstand me. I believe if you trust Jesus, many things in your lives go better. They just might not, because it’s not guaranteed. That’s not part of the gospel. Eventually, everything goes better: new bodies, fellowship with Jesus, all sin taken away, justice reigning in the earth. That’s coming.


But between now and the coming of Jesus or our death, the gospel guarantees three things: my sin being progressively cleansed away, my guilt and the wrath of God being totally taken away, and an ever-increasing intimacy with God, my Father, so that my soul is satisfied in him when everything else around my soul gives way.


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