Late Mother’s Fight Against Cancer

Hi brothers and sisters in Christ

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I am making a personal appeal for your help for my financial recovery. Why am I in financial distress? My Mom was diagnosed with esophagus cancer in December 2017.

As a family, we pulled together what immediate money we had available to start her radiation treatment plan. But that was the only treatment plan for her. The esophagus cancer was so advanced, the radiation only gave her more time. Time with her that a price cannot be placed on. 

During her radiation treatment, she suffered a heart attack. The hospital costs, radiation costs and the costs of looking after my mom quickly escalated and I had to apply for loans, credit cards, second bonds, just to find the money to give her the best possible chance of a comfortable life.  

As time passed, cancer gripped my Mom’s body. She slowly lost weight, battled to eat at all and she was on constant pain medication and bed rest.  

My mom sadly passed in April 2019. It is truly an emotional rollercoaster not just for my mom, but for me and my family too. Watching your mom slowly fade into nothing and eventually die from starvation is the single most difficult thing I have ever had to face.

2 years later, I am the sole income earner in a household of 4 people and I am near bankruptcy with the amount of debt I am in.

I humbly make an appeal to you all – the debt I made I believed was necessary for my Mom, and, given a second chance, I would do it all again.

God bless and thank you.

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