The Importance of Fellowship

Fellowship – Hot or Cold?

Have you ever watched kids running around with a glass jar trying to catch fireflies? It looks like fun to watch them glowing. They make “holes" in the darkness. Cockroaches, on the other hand, hide in cold and dark places and only come out looking for food. Similarly, God calls us to be hot Christians,… Continue reading Fellowship – Hot or Cold?


Yahweh’s Faithful Love And Compassion

by Hazel Straub Do you feel like your world is crumbling and nothing is dependable? Yahweh covenants with his people and is always faithful. No matter how the mountains move, if the hills crumble, or whatever hard circumstance comes, his covenant of shalom, (peace, wholeness, completeness, prosperity, success, health) is always there for you. Yahweh… Continue reading Yahweh’s Faithful Love And Compassion