Letter for Depressed Moments

I’ve been there, even tried taking my own life once, thankfully God knew better. The Holy Spirit hit me with a 2×4 to wake my Spirit again. In fact, today I still have moments of severe depression, but each passing day it feels better.

It takes time. Be patient. Love what you do, love life, be you. That’s what you would want you to do. That’s what God wants for you. Peace and Joy in all circumstances. Philippians 4:13 13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Christ will give you strength when you have none left. Depend on Him always. He’s got you. Always.

My Dear Friend, You’re in a tough place now, I know. You see no purpose or joy in life right now, I understand. There is a dark cloud following you everywhere and you see nothing but pain and… nothing, you’re right. You wish everything should stop with all costs, and no wonder. Everything seems pointless […]

Letter for Depressed Moments

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