Pride Comes Destruction

Pride comes destruction

Greatest downfalls

One of our greatest enemies can be Pride. Pride can make us ignore truth, pride can make us separate from others, pride can lead to our own destruction. There is one thing to be proud of yourself, its another thing to be full of pride. Many people are too proud to admit they are wrong, many people are too proud to help others, many people are too proud to admit they need a Savior


This is why when your full of pride, then comes shame. Because when we believe we can save ourselves we have already failed. Many people fail to see their flaws because they are full of too much pride. The Bible says “To Humble ourselves before The Lord and He will lift us up “ (James 4:10) You see the process of repentance comes with humility. When your too full of pride, you often are too blind to see your own sin


With the lowly or humble comes Wisdom. Often times in life, we set ourselves up for a great fall until we realize that we are wrong. God sometimes allows us to fall so we can humble ourselves and learn a lesson. Often when your too full of Pride, you don’t listen to anyone. You believe you have all the answers, and this is a grave mistake. Humility comes wisdom, ask God for wisdom and he will give it to you (James 1:5)

Arrogance does belong in heaven

Jesus said “Unless we humble or change ourselves like a child, we will never see the Kingdom of Heaven” (Matthew 18:3) God doesn’t want puffed up prideful arrogant people. Gods wants humble and teachable children. Be like that child in the classroom that asks a million questions, others roll their eyes at them, but they want to learn, they aren’t afraid to be taught something new

Many of us don’t grow in our relationship with Christ, because we are to full of pride. We believe we know it all, we have all the answers, we know the beginning and the end. Its total foolishness to believe this, humble yourself before God and obtain wisdom in Jesus name Amen!

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