Dear Mr Cyril

South Africa, Flag, Planting flag

We know, Mr Cyril (Ramaphosa), what we must do,
Wear masks, wash hands, and stand away a meter or two.

Too long now we’ve been in lockdown,
Plenty time to learn not to be clowns.

Mr Cyril (Ramaphosa), do what’s right,
Give us back our constitutional rights.

If by now we’re too slow to obey,
Then we will face, come what may.

But give us chance and set us free,
Let’s live our lives, as South African’s are we.


If by now we don’t know how to behave,
Then, by God’s plan, we will meet our grave.

Come Mr Cyril, talk to us, let’s meet.
Leave it up to us whether to live,
or find a hole as deep as six feet.

Gives us back our lives and give us back our braais
Stop all the nonsense and the lies
We have our dop and we have our chops
All that’s short now is our zols

Now stop being our teacher or trying to play cop
With God in our corner and no lockdown, we’ll come out on top.

Cyril Ramaphosa, South Africa

2 thoughts on “Dear Mr Cyril

  1. Yes! Mr President Cyril Ramaphosa and your advisers let everything go back to normal. We will wear musk and sanitize and do social distance as we are now used on doing it. We are suffering and this lockdown have brought poverty and suffering in South Africa


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